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ATL is the approach most used to build brand awareness and establish goodwill. They are widespread campaigns, largely untargeted and undertaken at a general level. A good example of an ATL Marketing approach is a national, or even a global TV ad campaign, where the same advert is shown across the country to people of all demographics. Instead of targeting the ad at specific people identified already as potential customers, the purpose of the ad is to broaden a brand’s horizons, reaching more people and establishing themselves more clearly and with a clear image. Other examples include print media and radio broadcasts which again reach a multitude of different people over a large area.

ATL is a good way to promote your brand, but it is difficult to measure the exact impact and return on investment. This is why it is more untargeted; the purpose is not to see a precise conversion rate but to make customers generally aware of your brand or product, and increase your visibility.



BTL, however, is used in the opposite way to ATL. Below the Line Marketing is aimed specifically at targeted individuals that have been identified as potential customers. Popular BTL strategies include outdoor advertising, such as bill boards and flyers, direct marketing, such as utilising email and social media, and sponsorship of events. The latter is particularly growing in popularity as giving a memorable experience to your potential customers makes your brand in turn more memorable, and people more disposed to it.

Unlike ATL, BTL is very focused on targeting specific ads to certain people, ensuring the content and location line up as clearly as possible with the intent of these potential customers. BTL also differs in that it is much more focused on return on investment (ROI), gaining user conversions and quantifying success. Instead of simply raising awareness of the brand, BTL is designed to ensure direct consumers for the product or brand, by focusing directly on the user and their wants. This form of marketing is usually easily quantifiable with the advantage of highly trackable results.


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