ATL (Above the Line)

Above-the-line marketing refers to marketing expenditure on advertising in the media such as the press, radio, television, billboards, cinema and the World Wide Web.

Advertising is directed at a mass audience with the intention of reducing the level of price sensitivity by generating customer loyalty and repeat purchasing,


BTL (Below the Line)

Below-the-line promotions target individuals based on their needs or preferences and can lead directly to sales. The results can be easily measured providing valuable data to estimate return-on-investment.

Sageties Team can Do:

- Sales promotion

- Direct marketing & mail

- Public Relations (PR)

- Sponsorship

-Branding & merchandising

- Packaging

- Telemarketing

- Trade fairs & exhibitions


Nobody wants to go to an event that won’t be memorable. Sageties Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd offers unique event Idea and Creativity that ensure your event will be memorable and that you’ll have peace of mind that the most skilled staff are making sure everything runs smoothly and that what we are here!


Travel Management

For all your travel needs we would like to introduce the GoGetHighTravel which is a Co-Brand of Sageties Marketing solution Pvt. Ltd.

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